Operational Management

Operating climate including policy, staffing and the financing of leisure activities, care and support.

  • Operating systems (per commissioning new initiatives) designed to maximise customer lifestyle experiences whilst ensuring business profitability and legislative compliance.
  • Ability to establish residential care and retirement living accommodation standards that provide a tailored and individualised customer experience
  • Workforce Planning and Development.
  • Workplace Health and Safety Management. Adopting, supporting and monitoring our proven and systematic safety systems.
  • The personal and suprapersonal environment: the personal environment includes the carers/significant others who constitute the major one-to-one social relationships of an individual (e.g. family, friends etc.); and the suprapersonal environment which may be defined as the model of characteristics of all people in physical proximity to an individual (e.g. similar race, age etc.)
  • The socio-psychological environment which refers to the norms, values, activities, philosophy, attitudes and beliefs of caregivers and the personal interaction of all who are part of the facility.